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Make your heating equipment run better, cleaner and more reliably. All of our products are proven to reduce the operating costs of boilers and other heat transfer equipment. Contact us for ordering information or to learn more. Toll Free 800 448-9794 US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands or (+1 (315) 923-2511).

Government funding may be available to help you pay for products and services that provide energy efficiency gains
. Find out about funding incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Turbulators for Heat Transfer Equipment: A turbulator is a device inserted into the tubes of firetube boilers, shell & tube heat exchangers and other types of heat transfer equipment that helps to increase heat transfer efficiency. Turbulators are available in a variety of configurations (download PDF) to fit most tube sizes and are used in many types of heat exchange equipment:

    • Twisted tape turbulators are used in applications such as shell & tube heat exchangers or watertube boilers where there are fluids inside the tubes.

    • Angular turbulators are primarily used in applications such as firetube boilers, cast iron sectional boilers, air-to-air heat exchangers and other types of heat exchange equipment where there are gases are inside the tubes or flue passes.

    • Coiled rod turbulators offer another way to increase heat transfer efficiency in tubular heat exchange equipment. Like the angular turbulator, the coiled rod turbulator is normally used in gaseous applications.

    • Process turbulators reduce maintenance, extend equipment life, and install quickly and easily.

  • Automatic Boiler Tube Cleaning Systems/Soot Blowers: Timed puffs of air or steam automatically remove residual build-up from boiler tubes.
  • UltraScale-Away Water Side Descaling Agent: The safe and effective alternative to acid cleaning that can be used on all types of water-operated equipment.
  • Boiler Gaskets: Waterside and fireside gaskets are available in a variety of styles and sizes and quality is the key.
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