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The angular Brock Turbulator is designed to be best suited for gaseous heat transfer applications. It is typically used in firetube boiler applications, and it also has proven useful in radiant heaters. Normally located inside of only the last pass tubes, these turbulators help to recreate lost turbulence and to also extract the maximum heat transfer possible before the gases exit the unit.

Configured with an integrated "locking handle", our angular turbulators can be used in both horizontal and vertical tube boilers and heaters.

A turbulator is a device inserted into the tubes of firetube boilers, shell & tube heat exchangers and other types of heat transfer equipment that helps to increase heat transfer efficiency.

Brock "angular" turbulators are primarily used in applications such as firetube boilers, cast iron sectional boilers, air-to-air heat exchangers and other types of heat exchange equipment where there are gases are inside the tubes or flue passes.

Brock turbulators break up the hot core and force the heat into intimate contact with the tube wall, creating a scrubbing action. The dead gases are swept away allowing a more intimate contact between the hot gases and the tube wall. This results in more heat transfer through the tube wall and less wasted through the heating system. In fact with a turbulator, you use up to 15% less energy to do the same job.

Brock Turbulators are fabricated to fit tubes up to 36" in diameter and have found their way into a variety of heat transfer applications, including:

  • Firetube boilers
  • Cast Iron Sectional Boilers
  • Radiant Heaters
  • U-Tube Water-Glycol Bath Heaters
  • Immersion or Vat Heaters
  • Vertical Tube Boilers

Brock Turbulators are:

  • Custom-made to fit your application
  • Available in any length to meet your requirements
  • Available in a variety of configurations
  • Easily and quickly installed Covered by a full five - year warranty

Proven Savings: A study of 500 boilers, before and after the installation of Brock "Fuel - Saver" Turbulators, showed turbulators cut heating costs to 6 to 16%. All other factors, such as weather, reduced room temperatures, etc., were eliminated to prove the savings were entirely due to Brock turbulators.

Can't Harm Boilers:
Brock Turbulators help boilers last longer by eliminating hot and cool spots that cause thermal stress. Leading boiler manufacturers make Brock Turbulators available as a part of the original equipment package - proof that Brock Turbulators cause no damage.

Reduced Maintenance - Less Soot: Because Brock "Fuel Saver" Turbulators improve combustion by causing fuel to burn more completely, less soot forms. Users have reported savings of one to two cleanings per season.

Install Quickly Without Loss of Heat or Steam Pressure: Brock Turbulators are shipped ready to install and require no boiler modifications. The average installation takes one to four hours. In most cases there's no downtime or loss of heat or steam pressure.

Low Cost - Pay for Themselves with Savings the First Year: The entire installed cost of Brock Turbulators is so reasonable that the turbulators generally pay for themselves in fuel savings in less than one heating season. In addition the savings keep growing year after year because turbulators generally last as long as the boiler itself.

If you have a tube type heat exchanger application and want to explore the idea of improving its performance - Brock Turbulators may be the answer.


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