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Tristed Tape Turbulators


The twisted tape turbulator is most often (but not exclusively) used in shell & tube heat exchangers having fluid inside of the tubes. It is available for tube sizes up to 4 diameter and can be created using a variety of materials. Twisted tape turbulators are custom-made to fit your specifications.

In the past, twisted tape turbulators have also been used in firetube boiler applications. We have the capability to manufacture replacements that meet a large range of specifications.

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As the name implies, the Twisted Tape Turbulator is formed in a helical fashion and is typically used in shell & tube heat exchanger applications or watertube boilers where there are fluids inside the tubes. Although Brock turbulators are now recognized and recommended as the best turbulator design option for firetube boilers, twisted tape turbulators were sometimes provided as original equipment with some older firetube boilers.

How it Works: Turbulators are used to increase heat transfer efficiency in many types of equipment. Turbulators break-up the laminar flow of fluids/gasses inside the tubes and promote greater contact w/ tube wall enhancing tube-side heat transfer efficiency. Turbulators installed in the tubes cause a more even distribution and improvement in heat transfer coefficients. Turbulators can also help to extend equipment life by eliminating hot and cool spots that cause thermal stress.

Calculate Your Performance Data: For a minimal fee, see how your system pressure and heat transfer coefficient will change with twisted tape turbulators. Define your heat exchanger specifications and or FAX to: (315) 923-9182. An initial cost estimate will be provided upon receipt of your information. Please allow two weeks for your detailed heat transfer performance calculation.

Define Your Turbulator Dimensional Requirements: Custom-made to install quickly and easily, Fuel Efficiency Turbulators are not "off-the-shelf" or "one-size-fits-all" solutions. They are custom-made for every application. Available for tube diameters up to 4", twisted tape turbulators can be fabricated using a variety of materials but are most commonly provided in various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, or copper. Replacements, if desired, can be fabricated to meet most existing specifications. Define your dimensional requirements and request a quote. us your completed form or FAX to: (315) 923-9182.


Request A Custom Quote to Suit Your Requirements: Use this form to upload your twisted tape turbulator dimensional requirements (optional) and request a free quote.

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