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Automatic Boiler Tube Cleaning System / Soot Blower Continuous removal of soot from firetubes to save fuel and maintain peak efficiency 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Saves Fuel. Saves Labor. Saves the Boiler.

The Automatic Boiler Tube Cleaning System/Soot Blowers can drastically reduce - and in many cases eliminate - the need to manually clean the tubes in firetube boilers and other similar tube type heat exchangers.

Timed puffs of air or steam automatically remove residual buildup from the inside of the tubes and prevent the build up of baked-on soot that can eventually cause boiler tube failures.

Fuel Loss Due to Soot:

Thickness of Soot Loss of Efficiency in Firetubes Average Fuel Loss
0" 0.0% 0.0%
1/32" 9.5% 2.9%
1/16" 26.2% 7.8%
3/32" 35.7% 10.7%
1/8" 45.3% 13.6%
3/16" 69.0% 20.7%

Keeping the firetubes clean on a continual basis will improve the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler and reduce fuel requirements.

Saves the Boiler:
  • Sulphur and vanadium in soot causes pitting and corrosion of boiler tubes
  • Baked-on soot eventually causes boiler tube failures
  • Automatic tube cleaning increases boiler tube life

Pays for Itself:

  • 6% to 20% annual fuel savings result from increased boiler efficiency
  • No downtime or lost production for cleaning
  • Helps increase heat output of present boilers to meet increasing demand

Low Cost Operation:

  • Maintenance Free Cleans according to demand - tied into boiler controls
  • No moving parts, all welded construction

Cuts Air Pollution:

  • Helps control stack emissions
  • Most of soot is reburned

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