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Fuel Efficiency, LLC. is located midway between Rochester and Syracuse New York. Best known as the manufacturer of Brock "Fuel-Saver" Turbulators for firetube and cast iron sectional boilers, Fuel Efficiency, LLC also manufacturers these other products proven to reduce the operating costs of boilers and other heat transfer equipment:

Angular (Brock) Turbulators
Twisted Tape Turbulators
Coiled Rod Turbulators
Turbulators for Process Heaters
Automatic Boiler Tube Cleaners/Soot Blowers
UltraScale-Away Waterside Descaler
Boiler Gaskets



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Angular Turbulators are designed to enhance the heat transfer characteristics of firetube and cast iron sectional boilers. Angular turbulators, although originally designed for use in industrial boilers are not limited to those applications. Fabricated to fit tubes ranging in size from 5/8" ID to 36" ID, our turbulators have found their way into a variety of heat transfer applications. If you have a tube type heat exchanger application and want to explore the idea of improving its performance, angular turbulators may be the answer.

Coiled rod turbulators offer another way to increase heat transfer efficiency in tubular heat exchange equipment. Like the angular turbulator, the coiled rod turbulator is normally used in gaseous applications.
Twisted Tape Turbulators (for shell & tube heat exchangers) are available for all tube diameters. Available in two styles (angular or twisted tape) with a variety of configurations. Free samples for testing are available. Send us your specifications or let us design a custom turbulator for your application.

Ultraspray Liquid Boiler Cleaning Concentrate is a chemical specifically developed to aid in the cleaning of boilers. Ultraspray will penetrate and loosen stubborn fireside scale encrustations. Ultraspray has the potential to clean the fireside surfaces of any type of boiler, right down to the bare metal. While Ultraspray is harmless to metal surfaces it is so effective that in most cases the need for mechanical cutting tools and reamers is eliminated. As you may know mechanical cleaning methods can damage tube surfaces and shorten tube life. Ultraspray is safe and effective and actually leaves behind a protective layer which helps to reduce future fireside build-up, making subsequent cleanings even easier.
Turbulators installed in process heaters cause a more even heat distribution. Improved heater efficiency is demonstrated by lower stack temperatures.

B.E.T. Automatic Boiler Tube Cleaning Systems/Soot Blowers can drastically reduce or in many cases eliminate the need to manually clean firetube boilers. Timed puffs of air or steam automatically remove residual build-up from boiler tubes. Keeping the firetubes clean on a continual basis will improve the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler and reduce fuel requirements as well. This is all done while the boiler is on-line so that there is no boiler down time as there is with manual or mechanical cleaning methods. In addition to the improvements in boiler performance and output, the use of the B.E.T. Automatic Boiler Tube Cleaning System/Soot Blower can eliminate the messy, unpleasant task of manually cleaning boiler tubes. If you operate a boiler firing oil, wood, coal or any other residual fuel, such as an incinerator waste heat recovery boiler, we may have the answer to your boiler cleaning problems.
Fuel Efficiency also distributes many types of Boiler Gaskets. Gaskets are available in a variety of styles and sizes and quality is the key. So whether your requirements call for high temperature EPDM molded gaskets, Blue Max®, Black Max® or spiral wound gaskets for the waterside or complete fireside kits, let Fuel Efficiency provide you with quality products at a reasonable price.
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